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I planted it 3 years ago. It's doing well but I would like to move it. Can I do this please, and if so, how and when?


Hi Mike  Shouldn't be a problem although probably a fairly large root system by now. Cut the growth from this year by about half in Autumn and move it then.


I've moved one Mike and I did it in the autumn when it had finished flowering but you could leave it till spring when you cut it back for the new growth. Either way you'd want to cut it back to make it easier to get out. They're quite shallow rooted and I found it  fairly easy to dig out - mine was about the same age. Do the usual things once you've moved it- ie prepare the planting hole thoroughly, water in well and keep an eye on it. A bit of food if it's a spring move and it should be fine 


Try and get some cuttings off it first ,just in case. If it dies, you have a replacement. if it doesn't you have some plants to give away/swap/ donate to church bazaar.

We lift and move buddleia's a lot as we're always finding seedlings in our large plot. They get dug up and moved into a temporary home in the veggie raised beds to let them grow more and get much stronger. After a year or so, we move them to their permanent home and put them in a deep well dug out hole with added compost and chicken pellets to help them along. Water in well. We have an exposed and windy site in Scotland and they all grow well. Trim the shrub down by half, do the move in cool weather, autumn or early spring and you should be successful.


Hello mike

Imstead of moving it treat yourself to buddleia Harlequin.   A variegated buddleia and purple flowers.


Thanks, very helpful. Sorry for late reoly!



Many thanks, all the detail is much appreciated! Sorry for late reply!



Thanks, very good idea. We've had good luck with twisted willow cuttings, so we are learning slowly! Sorry for late reply!



Many thanks for all the useful detail, very helpful. Sorry for the late reply!



Interesting idea, many thanks - I'll pass your suggestion to the Creative Manager, I am only Engineering! Sorry for late reply.


Hi Mike,

the general rule as said above is to move in autumn or spring, but I did move one of mine about 3 weeks ago, and it is doing fine, just ensure you water well for a good couple of weeks, and get as much root system as possible


Thanks, we might try moving it a bit earlier as you suggest! It sounds in general as if they are fairly tolerant of moves!



to add Mike, flower buds have now started appearing and the 3 cuttings I took (by accident as they snapped off when moving) have all took.

My next door neighbour is doing well with all of my cuttings this year


mdw84 - 

Thanks, we shall definitely take cuttings. It always amazes me that this works at all. At the moment we have some promising Twisted Willow Tree cuttings.


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