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Not quite sure what you are asking-but you can lift them in the autumn when they show signs of dying back-the leaves go brown -dry them off- store and replant in the spring.

Is that what you wanted to know?

Can I lift them now? We are about to put some decking down where they are growing! They are still in flower though , I know it's not ideal but will they survive a move? If i take lots of earth around them, And replant them straight away?

You won't know until you try-obviously not ideal but is there an alternative?


No I guess not. Fingers crossed thanks


As Geoff says you don't have any altenative, try to make sure you take up as much of the roots as you can when replanting, less disturbance the better. I've grown them in pots this year and potted up at least once and they've carried on growing, mine are no where near flowering yet though. 

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