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I have been given some marigold plants by a friend but I am not sure whether I can plant them out in the garden or not. What is the best way to keep them over winter?


Most marigolds are annuals and will die after flowering. Its the compost bin for them I'm afraid. The african and french varieties will not survive a frost. Calendula (pot marigolds) are a bit hardier, but still best grown from seed fresh each year.

Did they have black seed heads on them? If they did save the seed and sow in spring.

Oh dear - not much hope then. They are large seedlings so I'll just stick them in a pot on a windowsill and see what happens. I don't know where my friend got them from at this time of year!


Thanks for all your comments.


lp. You didn't say they were seedlings. If they're calendula, they're pretty tough and if they've been outside so far, they'll go through the winter. French marigolds won't.

I thought you meant this year's plants to be kept another year. From the answers I think other people thought that as well



Oops - apologies to all! I was told they were marigolds but if they are plants then they must be calendula. I don't know much about marigolds/calendulas (I think that's pretty obvious by now!) so sorry for misleading everyone.

I feel more confident about putting them outside now, planted in the garden rather than in a pot as I think this may offer better protection against frost.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out - it is much appreciated.

I have loads of marigolds and many of the seeds have started growing (they are in in pots & troughs) and about 1/2inch tall already.. will they survive if I put them in the garage over winter or put them in a sheltered spot with a fleece over the top? Thanks

They are probably named varieties so will not come true if you sow the seed. They are so easy to grow, I would sow new seed from a packet next Spring.

I complained there were only about 15 seeds in a packet of supposedly 150. Every one of the seeds germinated and the company has sent me a free packet to sow next year.

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