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I have gaps in my raised bed. I was late doing stuff, then didn't want to plant new things just before going away for 3 weeks. That was a good move as they would all have died of thirst.

Still, I have these gaps. Is there anything I can plant now that will give me some flowers later in the summer?

buy some cosmos plants and stick them in. You will have to water regularly...


What about Michelmas daisies? They would still be there next year too. There are dwarf ones and tall ones and a lovely one called "Monch".

You may be able to buy violas and pansies in flower, that will continue flowering for much of the year, or from August you can plant autumn crocus, to flower in october and november.

Many of the nurseries are reducing the bedding plants now , also you may drop on some which will come next year that just need TLC !    such as what  Busy-Lizzie and bookmonster have suggested . 


sorry didnt realise  it had come up in bold - dont know what I had done !

What about heleniums?   I have a few clumps in my garden now,looking wonderful.  

Agree with busyL.  Frikartii Monch is the best of the asters......although little carlow is close second......and will flower for weeks.  


Thank you all!  I'll get out and see if I can find some of those in the garden centre.I must admit to not knowing what half of therm where. That's one reason I really like this forum

I was advised to take everything out and start again. I left some plants in because they are perfectly healthy, they don't look that great though, and with the gaps it's a mess.I'll try to make it look a bit better now, and start afresh next year. The plants that are there can go somewhere else (apart from the fuschia, I can't bear to disrupt a perfectly nice fuschia.)



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