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I know this sounds potty but yes, the flower spikes on this one plant are now solid purple. I have always been careful to not let my three plants set seed so its not a rogue seedling. I did top dress the soil with my homemade compost last autumn and I know that it is on the acid side. This is only the second year it has flowered. The manhatten lights plant looked brilliant last year so you can imagine my disappointment.

I was curious about this so I did a little research I found this:

Without the constant renewal of good varieties through taking cuttings the mother plants disappear having dropped seedlings of all types of genetic disposition around her. The strongest (often the blues) and unfortunately the gappiest usually claim their parent's pitch which should answer the frequent query about lupins mysteriously 'reversing' or changing colour. They don't'; their offspring take over.

It would appear they can't change colour no matter what you do to them.
Hope this is usefull

I found a few sites saying more or less the same thing but this one was the one I quoted.

Thank you for your responses. I have been outside peering at the plant some more and moving earth back to see exactly where the flower spikes are coming up from. They are definitely coming off the same plant. It is very puzzling.


Mother Nature is a wonderful thing isnt it? Enjoy it

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