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Is it o.k. to put my my nasturtim plants out yet? Will the frost, if we get any, kill them off ?

Rob Stevens

I planted mine as seeds and they're all starting to come up, so I hope so!

Well thats fine then, I am now going to put them out .Many thanks !! Its sometimes good to just have somebody elses comments to reassure !


Just to confirm-they will be fine

Hi I want to plant nasturtium seeds but not sure putti potting medium to use. I would like to plant them in situ where they can grow undusturbed. Someone advised that I should use a mixture of sand and cheap compost as opposed to rich fertile compost ?




Nasturtiums flower best in poor soil, so that sounds reasonable advice if you're sowing in trays or pots.  However,  I usually sow them straight into the ground, especially at this time of year - they do much better that way.

Thanks very much


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