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I would love to know what these trees are! 

The first one currently has white blossom on it:-


The second tree I planted in my back garden several years ago when it was about four feet high.  It is now thriving and the label on it has long fallen off, and I cannot recall what this tree is!  This tree is now about twelve feet high (the fence is six feet), and looks lovely this time of year.


 Many thanks!


well I'll take a guess, the first one might be Prunus 'Avium Plena', the double wild cherry, and the second is a crab apple, possibly Malus 'Royalty'.  Have a look at those.

Salino, I think you're right about the Malus Royalty, my tree certainly matches that description.  Some of the descriptions I've read for Avium Plena says it bears fruit in the summer, although I can't say I've ever noticed fruit on my tree!  I'll need to have a good look over the next few months to see if it does, in which case you'll be right on both counts, thank you!

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