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I have got this at the start of my hedge and dont know what it is. We are trying to replace the leylandii hedge that is there with a native hedge  and dont know if we should keep this or not. 


 Have also got this if anyone can help with this as well. Thanks


Is the first a climber? It kinda look like a honeysuckle.


2nd is cotoneaster I think


I agree with you both, honeysuckle and cotoneaster was my thought.

sue taylor3

yes agree 1st is a honeysuckle and 2nd is a cotoneaster  good for you getting rid of the dreaded leylindii .


Could the first one be a snowberry?

Looks like Honeysuckle by the stems also. The main stems get very woody and quite thick with thinner very long red shoots coming off all over it. The thinner stuff will be vigorous, you could wait to see it flower? But I'd say it looks a lot like Honeysuckle

I think the first is a snowberry bush as well.  You will soon see little tight pink flowers followed by white "snow" berries in late summer.

I forgot to add that where I am from in Tyrone, snowberry bushes are very common in hedgerows where they grow along with hawthorns, seven sister roses, holly, ash and ivy.

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