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Hi, I am looking at planting tulip bulbs for next year and am looking at experimenting with an idea. My front garden is covered in bits of slate of various sizes, some pieces being as big as three inches across. I have no weed control installed so it is literally the slate on top of soil. If I planted the tulips (I have a mixture of tulipa kaufmanniana Giuseppe Verdi, tulipa Rembrandt, and tulipa double late freeman) into the ground under the slate, would the shoots be strong enough to push through the slate unscathed? Thanks for any advice.

I should think so, they grow well in very stony soil


I agree with Nut  I have some Daffs and assorted bulbs under some slate bits and they always managed to make their way through  Don't see why tulips should be any different!

Thanks, I'll plant them and see what happens then!

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