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Secret Squirrel

I'm started to get a few ideas together for next years rockery, thinking of alpine flowers I was wondering can we grow edelweiss in the UK? obviously in a container to give it the right soil conditions, but do we have the right climate and air quality?


Yes, but you may need to prop a pane of glass over it in winter to keep some of the rain off.  Plant in very gritty free draining compost.


Those grey hairy leaves don't like the mild and wet winters here. 

flowering rose

I think if you give it the right soil conditions and grew it in a container that could move in doors in winter it might. The wet winters  here might not help it and with the frosts.As for the clean air nothing beats the Alps .


Secret Squirrel

Thanks all, I have just read on Doves BBC link that is likes full sun, my rockery is partial shade.

It seems like one of those plants that needs a lot of attention, Oh well I'll cross that idea off the list.


I raised it from seed one year, but the lot rotted off outside in the winter.

 As Nut says, the grey hairy leaves don't like cold and wet.

Peter Reason

I grow all my Edelweiss outside all through the year - if you give it good drainage you should be okay, with full sun.

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