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most of the plants in my garden I did not plant and with my limited knowledge Im a bit lost on how to care for them so if you can help me identify them, it would be a great help. Thanks.

Plant 1


Plant 2 or more of a small tree!

Plant 3 


This one has thorns on it

Plant 4


Plant 5


Plant 6




 Plant 7




 Plant 8

Sadly something if finding this one very tasty


Plant 9



Plant 4 Hypericum


Plant 5  Cotinus(possibly Grace)  also known as   Smoke Bush


1; hypericum

2; ??

3; dog rose?

4; Alstromaeria

5; Cotinus

6; Aconite

7; Hydrangea?

8; Solomen's seal

9; ??


2 looks like cornus.

1 is definitely Hypericum - my garden's overrun with it! I'd agree that 4 appears to be Alstroemeria, and 5 is Cotinus Coggygria (Smoke Bush). 6 is Aconitum (Monkshood). 8 is Solomon's Seal.


9 ? Heavenly bamboo , nandini xx


The hydgrangea is H petiolaris though its name may have changed, 

Another pic of 2 might help,I can't see if it's producing berries or seed heads.

also another pic  of the last one which may be a viburnum. 'Mariesii' or 'Lanarth' or one of that type. A close up of the leaves maybe,


That'll teach me to look before pressing submit, I meant plant 1 not 4


I guessed Netherfield

Lion S

I agree with Nutcutlet, that last photo, nr.9 is some ssp. of Viburnum plicatum.


Plicatum, that's the word that wouldn't come Flowerchild. Thank you

Does that just leave us with 2? another pic needed

That will be sawfly larvae and/or snails on the Solomon's Seal, AmandaBen

Oh wow thanks so much for all your replies - been out in the sun enjoying the garden ! 

Does that help - my ipad doesnt take the best photos .  

If not I will get my camera out! 


I can't get focussed on the flowers/seeds/berries AmandaBen

Ok, camera out

those flowers or whatever. The shape of the whole bush. The trunk/branches. some more leaves





No2 looks like a variegated dogwood.  Cornus florida variegata maybe??


I think you're right fidget, just wasn't sure what I was looking at but I think they are baby berries