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Hi all.

I have this plant growing in my garden, it grows as a large bush, but after removing one of them a year ago, it seems to come up all over the garden.  Can you help identify it?

Thanks in advance




Hi, its, a Quince and it reproduces with suckers. Has red flowers in spring(commonest colour) There are varieties in white and pink too.

Thank you for your speedy response, I probably should have added that is has spines which until cut down were about 5cm long and has red flowers.  It also grows like a maniac.



one of these? (below) Mine always look yellow and then die, never green and healthy like in your photo mdw84. Never had one live long enough to sucker. Why is that?




Mine is in a north west facing position in a clay type soil. It always the way I don't want it grows rampantly you want it an it doesn't grow

I'd love to be able to grow one of those


Have a go is problem free. Depending on the size of the plant you buy , it takes a couple of years to settle. i struck one from one of the "suckers" and it was slow to start off. But it is a welcome splash of colour in the spring as it is one of the few plants that  come up first. I have mine trained against a fence and it stays in bloom for about a fortnight. good luck.


I'll have to have another go. I always feel like a murderer when I can't keep something going. I have at least 3 of these on my conscience now.

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