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I have this shrub at the bottom of my yard which hasn't received any care in the two and a half years I have lived here. I think it needs a good pruning as there's a lot of dead wood on it (although it must be 10 feet tall!) but don't want to hack it back before I know what it is and when I should be doing it.

Its flowers have just opened this week and smells beautiful - the bees love it! Do you know what it is?




Looks like philadelphus Snowflake, a double flowered mock orange.

Lucky you!    Yes, I would agree with figrat - definitely a philadelphus.

Brilliant, thanks very much both! 

Philadelphus!!! I love them. The scent is fabulous, isn't it? I've got several large ones in my garden and only manage to get to them every few years (fortunately I have room for them) but you need to prune when they have just finished flowering so that you don't lose next years flowers.


Paul N

No you don't. Our Philadephus 'Virginal' has never been pruned in fifteen years and flowers every year. However as she's got very leggy, I shall prune after she finishes flowering this year. Prune down to one third of it's height, then prune to the ground one third of the remaining stems. You only lose next years flowers if you prune them at the wrong time ie next spring.

Which is sort of what I said....! Mine are very tall as I don't prune them for years on end like you Paul- I haven't got the time, I have the space and actually I quite like them being tall. Mine also cope with being pruned less scientifically than Paul, Sian so just get in there some time after flowering.

Moonlit Hare

Def Mock Orange, We had some down the back when I was little.... oddly both Mum and Gran where very superstisions about bringing it indoors...... I think grandad went along with it because he liked his flowers outside growing, but everytime I smell it I get a big grin on my face and I'm transported back to the age of 4!

Mine's just coming into flower - I think it's p. Belle Etoile. Off down the garden for a sniff!
Paul N

Sorry Sarah, I mis-read your post and thought you meant that unless you pruned you WOULD not get any flowers. Silly me. 

No problem, Paul! I've just got home from work, the sun is out and  the scent is quite beautiful. I hope that you all enjoy yours too !!

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