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Can you identify this Dahlia?

I bought 5 of these today but the label just said Dahlia. Any ideas what Dahlia's they might be please? I know their not Bishop of Landaff because the foliage is green . Thanks in advance,

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Honestly-could be anything-wait till it flowers-sorry

ok fair enough thanks for looking. I thought yyou might be able to tell by the foliage. I.e. it's not a bishop of landaff



It is not that-it may just be something raised from a packet of seeds and not a named variety-where did you buy it?

it was a plant sale at Knole House, local gardeners taking cuttings. I did ask but they couldn't tell me. 


Come back when it flowers-someone might know


It's not a Bishop of Llandaff as the leaves on them are usually very dark green with a redish hue. Sadly I can't be any more use than that.


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