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Hi all, does anyone know what this plant might be? I ask because I have it labeled as being Helenium Autumn Lolipop and it obviously isnt that, think I got sent the wrong thing




It's one of the knotgrasses, a weed. 


A member of the persicaria family - a weed! Bin it as it spreads...probably was on the pot the Helenium came in and it has survived unlike your Helenium!!

Oh - that explains it then, thanks for the replies... out with the spade and off to the garden centre

Thanks for identification - I've got a heap of them and they are so boring.   Arrived via a packet of wildflower seeds bought for a shady location, about the only things that did well!  Mind you, they're beginning to die as my sandy soil is SO dry  but I'll pull them out before they scatter their seed......


Stacey Docherty

I do too nut lol I have left them in my garden.... The leaves look a little like vietnamese coriandercoriander


They do. I wonder if you can eat them or

its a quite healthy weed to give to small animals like goats, rabbits, chickens, but only in a small dosis at the time, helps getting rid of intestinal parasites, usually appears in disturbed sandy soils


I may give it a miss on the menu. Just admire it in the garden

Stacey Docherty

might pop some in for the chooks.... Thanks for that anna14....and nut I would think will stick to Vietnamese coriander ( I love the stuff..)

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