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can you identify this very mysterious plant?

I need help to find out the name of this rather unusual pot plant

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When I was a child, an elderly relative was given this very unusual pot plant but no one ever knew its name or where to find it.

It is an indoors pot plant with a large, overground bulb which produces small, 'pickled onion' type bulbs.

When these small bulbs are cut open, they produce a milky fluid very useful against the itch and swelling of insect bites, stinging nettles etc.

I never saw this plant again and wonder if anyone could help me identify it?

Many thanks


It's a mystery to me as well. The only plant that I know you can cut off the thick watery leaves to rub on skin conditions is 'Aloe vera' but that's a succulent plant not a bulb.


Difficult to describe. Best to search for images under Aloe vera plant. Lots of clear pictures.


I wonder if it was a Tree Onion?  The juice of onions has long been used for soothing itchy insect bites.


I didn't mean your plant Doris - I meant the mystery plant.

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