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Dear Forum Members,

This is springing up in more than one location and looks messy with its clusters of yellow flowers. Not a huge fan. what is it and how/when can I pulverise it? (or give it a Chelsea chop?)

Many thanks

Grateful Deadhead


Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis).  It can be a bit invasive but is useful in very shady areas.  If you decide to keep it, cut the flowers off after they fade or it will seed everywhere. 


Alchmilla mollis or Lady's mantle. Dig it up, pull it up do your worst. It will still manage to self seed everywhere.

Crumbs. I fear it may come to do me in in the night. Its everywhere! I will see to it tomorrow. Really must get to bed now. Really appreciate your help/input this evening on several threads! Nite nite

The Grateful Deadhead


Goodnight children. Goodnight.



Go and have a look at the leaves of your Alchemilla Mollis after a rain shower - you'll have a hard heart indeed if you don't warm to it then 


Love it too


I think it looks lovely with raindrops on but it is a devil to contol even if you attempt to remove flowers. Taken me ages to get rid of it, or I thought I had  but not so it's back.

star gaze lily

I love mine, Doves right when its rained or theres been a heavy dew, the leaves look so pretty. The flowers are great for filling out a vase of flowers too. Florists use it in bouquets sometimes. It does spread but its managable. I just dig a bit up and move it somewhere that needs filling. 


Yes Lily, some alchemilla in a jug with pink roses - gorgeous 


It's prolific!   I've been fighting a losing battle with mine!  It's growing through the drive!


It pops up everywhere in my garden even after I carefully pull all the flowers off it. Not sure if I class it as a thug or an angel!

To Everyone who has posted above -

First of all thank you for taking the time to reply and advise me.

Please do not take too much to heart my comments about pulverising the Alchemilla mollis . It is an attractive clump, yes, particularly after a rain , I just don't want too much repetition in our garden. My default position is 'pro-plant', but within reason!.

Many thanks kind people,

The Grateful Deadhead

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