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I'd just like to ask for everyone's personal methods for overwintering cannas. I've read of several methods, RHS, Monty etc. 

Im just looking for a method that has the highest success rate, preferably 100%! 


Just bumping this up as I've hads no replies. 

Last year I dug up my rhizomes and stuck them in pots (breaking bigger clumps to fit) and then left them in the shed. I lightly watered a couple of times over winter as I understand they shouldn't completely dry out.

I've had about 80% success in them coming back this year, which I read is about normal. This is my first winter growing/storing cannas.

Mine stay outside all year round....currently with growth on some nudging 60 cm

also grow them in large pots...growth equally as vigorous

dry overwinter is just fine....if the tubers are large they should not need watering.

in colder areas fleece them and put a cloche over them or leave in gh ...but dry 


Have to disagree about the dry conditions.

I follow Christo Lloyds method, pot up, keep frost free, and, keep just moist. He actually suggested watering every few weeks.


Just goes to show how gardeners differ.  I can only advise according to how they grow for me......successfully with flowers from June 

we could have a contest PD......take pictures in mid June ?  Just for fun 

loser apologises most profusely 





Sheffield versus Cornwall, might be a bit unfair, but I do have about 20 currently doing well, in my lounge. They were kept moist throughout winter.

Many different ways to skin a cat.

PD, hmm!  You beat us at rugby a year or two back but we won since. 

Yorks v Cornwall ...........yeeeeees! 

so.....we are on then 

one of my Durbans outside is already pretty tall.  

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