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I have just taken my cannas into a frost free greenhouse for the winter.  They are in containers.  The greenhouse is very small and I would like to cut them back to make more room but I am receiving conflicting advice.  Some say leave them to die down so the goodness goes back into the plant (like bulbs).  Others say this doesn't matter as the frost would blacken the leaves anyway (like Dahlias).  What do you do?

Watering also seems contentious.  Some say they should be kept dry during the winter.  However, Hart Canna who grow them commercially, say never let them dry out and water lightly throughout the winter.


I chop mine back and keep them a tiny bit moist.

I have been doing this for about 10 years and it seems to work. It is also the way Christopher Lloyd kept his.


I chop mine down to 6 inch and pot them up, I store them in the cold greenhouse, they started growing again very early this year due to the warm winter, it resulted in having flowers for the majority of the season 


Mine are being lifted and put into the polytunnel. If they carry on growing or are frosted off, so be it. I don't interfere.

I don't " water" them, but there's probably always a bit of moisture in the soil.

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When I lived in my previous house, I brought the canna I had into the conservatory for winter. Due to 'circumstances' I wasn't there and forgot about it. It was never watered. When I eventually found it during house sale preparations in early spring, it had started growing and I rescued it then. It was fine. 


All my cannas have large rhizomes ....kept in the ground, potted or just left "bare root".  There is enough moisture in them to overwinter so no need to water at all. 

Only if new bought or tiny rhizomes would any water be needed to stop them dehydrating too much 


Thanks everyone,   They'll get the chop tomorrow

Mine are still flowering so don't chop prematurely yvie 


Verdun, you are much further south than me.  We've already had frosts.

Fidget, forgive my ignorance but what is this "frosts" ?  

Keep forgetting England is sooooo different.  

I fully expect my cannas to flower a lot longer yet. .......


I've started moving mine into the tunnel, just to avoid waterlogging. 

No frost here yet either and mercifully dry for the time of year.

How has virus affected you, your cannas..Hosta?  

Been slightly paranoid most of the summer checking for signs of it.  Sometimes I am convinced mine are clear and then I doubt myself.  Not really easy to tell is it? 

The flowering has been excellent so I guess they are prob ok???

Will you segregate them or put them together over winter?   New varieties kept a distance away? 

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