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Usually I'm successful taking cuttings but......I cannot propagate my new Guinea impatiens. I remember someone saying a while back that he or she has successfully taken cuttings. Tried in water and in mpc but no luck. Was hoping for a good batch by now. Who's managed to propagate these plants?

I have found that they take quite easily, I just pop them in a jam jar of water and 3 weeks later I had a nice set of roots.

Hiya. Cris
Just posted to another Cornish guy on the forum.....we are taking over!
I tried but just can't do it.
Do they take well in pots of compost after?
Will try again. Thanks

Verdun hi to you, Cornwall is God's own county in my opinion and those of us lucky to live here should enjoy the opportunity to garden in a warmer manner.

I cannot remember having any problems with the New Guineas, I did not do anything different from taking normal cuttings. Maybe I had a particularly virulent parent plant?

I have heard that some varieties are less prone to root than others and may need a little rooting hormone. A bit of bottom heat should also help.


I do sit on the radiator when I take the cuttings

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