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On the dust jacket of my copy of Beth Chatto's Woodland Gardenis a picture of the paeony 'Late Windflower. I love the look of this one. Has anyone grown it? I have no white ones. I have germinated P.rockii this week but suspect it won't be flowering in the near future.

Lovely book this one if you like woodland and shade gardening. 

Bunny ...
I've already made a list of shade plants you gave on another post . I have a lot of shade area (due to us putting a 6ft fence .between us and neighbour we bought land off hide their rubbish /scrap ) front doesn't matter , all bark , dog potters about, lays down , grumbles through fence at neighbour
Back I have taken some recommendations to go with what's there
At moment I am reading:
The impossible life of Mary Benson. Biography.
Moll Flanders - Daniel Defoe.
Brideshead revisited- Evelyn Waugh.
I like lots of books on the go at one time.

I get muddled if I have more than one novel on the go.

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