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My plant has lovely red berries and is on the kitchen windowsill. Would anyone please be so kind as to tell me if it is ok to keep it there over the Winter months?


Thank you.


It needs to be outside - it's a hardy plant that really won't like being indoors. 


Agree with Dove. Problem is it's already been indoors for how long?

If you can it would be happier in either a coldframe to start with, then when the weather does warm up putting it outside. If you just put it out now, when we have some more cold weather it wont be happy.

You could also tuck it right next to a sheltered wall, & then it'll be much better, J.

....and add another variety too to encourage pollination.  Ideally a hermaphrodite form with flowers and berries.  Not too much direct sun and not too alkaline 

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