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Bunny ...
I would like to introduce some carnations/pinks back into my garden , had some but lost them in those really cold winters . Was wondering about growing from seed so I have more as replacements if necessary and bigger clumps. .....or am I better to buy plants and take cuttings ? Any thoughts appreciated
Cuttings are so easy...quick,true to plant and taken now will produce flowering plants by mid /late summer. Pot them around rim of pot and I,add perlite to compost
Bunny ...
Thanks Verdun , I will get some plants and take cuttings then.
hollie hock

Hi Bunny, I grew some from seeds a couple of years ago, took a while to get going though. Mine look a bit untidy as they are in large pot and whilst I don't mind that effect,I probably wont grow them again from seed. Cuttings would be a quicker option.



Thanks for the reminder to do the cuttings ................

Bunny, if you are buying pinks choose those with best scent but my favourite of all is an old variety called Mrs Simkins.....white, shaggy flowers but superb. When I buy new plants I take cuttings right away if I makes the donor plants bushier and the cuttings seem to be more "energetic".

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