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Jean Genie

I've recently acquired some carniverous plants. Up to now I have a venus fly trap, a sundew and a pitcher plant . Fascinating little creatures . I'm just wondering has anybody else got any and has had any success with growing them ? Mine seem to be doing ok at the moment and I'm thinking of extending my collection to include some bigger species . Got most of the info from websites but find there's a lot of conflicting advice out there . If anyone grows them I'd be interested to hear their comments and any advice they could share with me . Thanks.

Alina W

I have a friend with a collection. She grows hers in an old aquarium on moist peat, always watering with rain water. Her pitcher plants are enormous (about five foot long), and she considers them very easy to grow.

Jean Genie

Yes, I've read about them being kept in terraniums or such like and others sites have said they don't need to be - just a lot of conflicting information in general. I do let them sit in rainwater as I know they can't be watered with tap water because of the chemicals ( makes me wonder what I'm drinking ) but 5 ft pitchers - wow ! your friend is obviously taking good care of them.  Before we had the monsoons tried to buy some distilled water - not a chance so I ended up with de-ionised . I'm glad I've heard of someone else growing them -all my friends think I'm nuts !


I've got some mexican hybrid butterworts. Great at catching small flies like fungus gnats but dont seem to be able to catch moths or houseflies. I like them as they can tolerate tapwater but the native butterwort I have is not doing so well.

Jean Genie

Excuse spelling ! Should be carnivorous . I put my plants out today - lovely sunny day for a change . Think the venus flytrap has caught something as one of the traps has shut and it wasn't shut yesterday - think flys/ midges attracted to the water in the tray. Not got a butterwort that may be next on my list .

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