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I have grown Carpenteria Californica for several  years now.  To be honest, it has been sadly meglected in that I have pruned only the tops and even then only rarely.  It has grown woody, twiggy, leggy, with lots of dead wood and bare to such an extent that I intended to dig it out a few weeks ago.  However, I lopped all the old wood instead to see if there would be a recovery.  Well. It is producing new shoots.

My question.  Has anybody grown this shrub as an espalier?  It seems to me it would suit it grown this way.  It flowers on wood made last year and it struck me that it does so in the same way as spurred apples and pears do so, in theory, it could be espalied.  It all depends now on how my bush responds this summer, how vigorously, etc. but I think it would look fantastic grown this way.  .???  Anybody growing this as a trained bush?  


Never grown it at all Verdun but I'll give you a nudge up. Have you seen the pics of Foggy Bottom yet?

I understood that this particular plant (and I've got one) hates to be tied up and doesn't like to be crowded.  How true this is I don't know yet, but as mine's inclined to be a bit floppy, I've very loosely tied a few branches to the trellis behind it - and it hasn't died on me yet! The flowers are beautiful and about to come out any minute I think.

And thanks Mike for your advice, very helpful indeed.

Yep, thanks Mike

Also just realised it likes moisture.  Always assumed it to be a Mediterranean type ...I.e. drought resistant .....plant but apparently not.  So, hard back pruning, a good feed and plenty of watering today.  

Yes, lizzie.  The flowers are truly beautiful and, until this year, were a summer treat.

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