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Hello one & all

I have a lovely tall ceanothus in full flower at the moment and would like to take some cuttings.  Has anyone got any advice on doing so - or had any success taking them?  I've tried but without success before.  My questions are:-  Do I take the cutting with a heel or just below a leaf node?  Do I use hormone rooting powder?  Do I cover the cuttings with a plastic bag?  All & any answers very much appreciated.


3 inch semi ripe cuttings, cut just below leaf node.use rooting powder, and free draining compost. water once, let drain and put in covered propagator ( no heat) or use plastic bag method.

I think I did mine in July, but I tend to take cuttings whenever anyone offers them

Many thanks 'fidgetbones'.  Really appreciate the information.  I'm off to take some cuttings now - and hopefully have some success this time!  Thanks again


You could take some now and some in a months time which will be a bit riper. I find semi ripe cuttings a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they root in a week , sometimes take a month.

You dont want shoots that have already flowered.


Sometimes with cuttings it is down to the weather. Last year was very late season. This year is early.  Try a few as soon as the shoots are semi ripe. I took buddleja cuttings a month ago, which  was totally the wrong time, and most of them have rooted. Could you pm me where you live?' For all I know you could be, in the next road. I thought I was the only forker in  Nottingham..


Hello again fidgetbones

Thanks very much once again for the info on ceanothus cuttings.  I will give it another go. I live on the Foxhill Road in Carlton - and you?  Also, I have an allotment plot on the Robin Hood Allotments, which is on Cavendish Road.  Small world eh!

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