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Anyone growing centaureas?  Grew lots years ago but some new varieties now.  Can't decide to include these in my winter plant order or not.  Have some dry hot beds  and if we get another summer like this one they should flower superbly.  The variety Black Sprite is tempting me.....anyone growing it?  


I grow them (deer leave them alone - Lizzie take note !).  I have amethyst dream and amethyst in the snow.  Both lovely, and both give me two lots of flowers.  I'm sure with your skills, and your climate, you could get them to give you THREE !!

I stole one from my dads bed, oops!!! It was self sown and his looked Doo good enmass. No idea of variety but its a purple/lilac


 I have the standard blue montana, and purple James coutt. I am not keen on blackish purple flowers , as they seem to disappear into the background.

Im not a fan of black flowers either too...seems in vogue right now...but this looks like dark purple.  If I can get it next to yellow foliage or blue grass I think it could be good



well all blacks are dark purple really. Aquilegia  black barlow is really very dark purple.

They need a light background (yellow foliage), or for me they just disappear. Whereas white flowers come to the fore, when you have been at work all day, and the evenings are drawing in.

It is cloudy here at the moment. red and pink cosmos and yellow dahlias cheer the place up, but it is the white cosmos that sing out.


I really like the look of amethyst in the snow.

Thanks Berghill.   Will,check it out.

You are spot on about the white cosmos fidget the light levels are, albeit only slightly, diminishing the cosmos is shining .  Certain colours assert themselves now.  BLacks are difficult to display.....ophiopogon nigrescens, for example, has been tried everywhere.  It does get "lost" but in a terracotta pot it seems happy.  I also have it behind campanula Dicksons Gold and it looks good there too.  

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