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What flower or shrub would make an eye catching show for the center.

Just a few suggestions...

You could always try something like a box, which can be easily topiaried into practically any shape. There's also Camelia's, Corydylines (put on anexcellent display) and ten you could always buy a obelisk and grow a climber.

Andy, what sort of situation? In a lawn? Exposed.? Warm or cold spot? Heavy or light soil?
Ryan, just read your details. That's a great project you're starting there...wish you lots of luck with it. You clearly have loads of enthusiasm as well as a caring attitude towards your community. That's nice

I've been re-doing my front garden. A wonderful suggestion was a small tree called Cercis forest Pansy I think) you could then underplant with decorative low growing shrubs and edge border with something like lavender, depending on your aspect.

It looks better if you don't have one solitary shrub but a group


Verdun there's no lawn a 5ft hedge to the right so partly shaded size width 12ft length 10ft just all been turned over soil good and light. I have lots of flowers to plant but need something more mature for the center then plant roundabout it got a Pennisetum Fireworks but was thinking of keeping that for the back garden. 

Make sure your pennisetum fireworks is kept indoors for few weeks yet. It's a tender grass. Very tender. It should only go outdoors when it's mid summer. Lovely behind silver thyme like silver Posie
A conifer like Taxus Standishii?good foil for other plants and focal point.
Golden king holly? Variegated, red berries and nice conical shape
Cotinus Royal Purple? Cut back hard every year to produce lovely rich purple folage all summer.
How about a half standard Japanese willow....Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki (had to look it up again.) ....? I have a couple and they are very eye catching with pink, white, salmon and pale green leaves. Underplanted with blue geraniums, red euphorbias, persicara red baron, or silver artemisia Powys castle it would look great. In fact all those plants in your border would look good
It's not a large area is it Andy? A large sprawling shrub would soon look out of context I think.

Verdun my Fireworks are in the cold frame at this time waiting to put it out do you think i should move it into the heated greenhouse or just leave it where it is.

Andy, it needs a minimum of 4 I tick over during winter. I think a coldframe is too cold so heated greenhouse is better.
I grow both fireworks and straight rubrum and overwinter in cold conservatory but it doesn't get too cold here. I still lose half of mine. It's hard to get balance right re watering too....I try not to let them dry out too much. I think if you could keep heat going until its lot warmer you will get good results.

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