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Jim Macd

Yes, the Chelsea Chop is used to both delay flower or spread it if you chop some more than others and to keep the plant shorter at flowering thus preventing lanky plants. 

Primarily to prevent reason anyway.  Flowerimg is delayed but not by much I think if not delayed too much. 

The Chelsea chop, pinching out growth etc all for the same reason, viz., to produce bushier sturdier plants.

Jim Macd
Pauline 7 wrote (see)

Thank you. I'm a bit wiser now. They do say you learn something new every day.

Yes, when you have an open mind. Sorry I go blue in the face every day tying to educate people that don't listen. You're obviously not one of those.

For those interested there is an informative artical on 'chelsea chop' in the May issue of The Garden magazine.

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