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Help... I've got a very healthy sedum and like to know if I can give it the 'chelsea chop' now. I know its somewhat early as chelsea is in mid May. Your opinions please. Thanks.


Funny you should ask as I did that very thing about 2 hours ago!  My sedum gets far too tall (80cm) and flops over other plants making a mess, so after reading about using the 'Chelsea chop' on sedums last year (in this very forum) I decided to give it a go today as it was already 40cm high and looking as though it was going for the full metre this year!  I don't think it will do any harm doing it a few weeks early, especially given the mild Winter and so early start it got this year.  


Did mine a week or two ago.  Of course they look awful now but it will be worth it later in the year.  Chop away Fluffy Cloud.

Oh thanks. Mine is about 12" tall. Will attempt to generate new plants from the cuttings. Tomorrow's job.

Victoria Sponge

Does anyone in the north Chelsea chop? Just wondered how late it would set back the flowering?



Done mine last week, primulas are next.

Always cut them back now or in next couple of weeks.  You can use the bits for cuttings. 


Lyn, why are you cutting back your primulas?  I consider them a Spring flower; should they be cut back?

Only asking!

No need to cut them back really but I often do for neatness where they are in a prominent position.   They seem not to mind. 


I thought the 'Chelsea Chop' was all about delaying flowering.  Not about tidying things up after flowering.  That is why I was querying the need to cut back primulas.


My primulas, i cut back to the ground when they have finished flowering for the winter/spring, they then grow back very quickly and I get a good bushy green plant that will flower through w

ith no tatty leaves or dead flowers. I do this mostly with the denticulata, they will then flower again.


Ah, so it is not the 'Chelsea chop' but normal plant maintenance. We do the same with geraniums after flowering.


Yes, I think this thread has got a bit confused.  

Well I did the 'chelsea chop' on my sedum yesterday. Looks awful but I trust all your expert advice. Thanks to all who responded. Are there any other plants that could benefit from the 'chelsea chop' ????


I also did my Michaelmas Daisies although I've been removing a lot of those as they are`rather invasive here.

Advertisement M. daisies are about 8" tallish. Looking healthy. Probably wait till they are about 12" and than do the 'chelsea chop'.

Jim Macd

If you chop too early you're defeating the object of the chop. It won't do your plant any harm but it might not have the desired benefit if the plant just grows back to full height.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Pauline,

My understanding is people chop certain plants down around the time of the Chelsea flower show in order to delay flowering...

Corrections welcome! 


Hi Victoria, that's what I understood too.


Yes, it can also increase bushiness and so produce more flowers.