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Don't laugh but I was wondering if there are any plants that chickens won't eat. I have four hooligans free ranging in my garden for some part of the day and while I'm not too precious about my garden I would quite like to have some sort of flowers to look at. I have discovered that they don't like Lavender, Pieris and Bay trees, plus some other unidentified evergreen shrub that I have had in pots for years plus I have a hedge of Escallonia that they don't seem interested in.Has anyone got  any other ideas on what I might plant to brighten up my garden but that will stand up to chickens. I don't mind shrubs but would like something with some colour if possible...Thanks M

They don't like my hellebores! Love the geraniums and pulmonarias which is a pain. Also seem to be ignoring all the roses and spring bulbs - daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, aconites all ignored to date.

Yay, I love Hellebores and have been desperate to plant some but have held off in case they get eaten, just out of interest what type of Hellebore do you have I did plant some tulips and other bulbs but I  think the squirreks might have got to them as non of them have come up

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