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Stacey Docherty

My over wintered purple riot has a flower on it hurrah

 And is anyone growing these cheeky chaps!!!


They look wude Stacey.  Wouldn't want to eat those 

Very interesting thread 

Stacey Docherty

Lol Barbara I'm not putting one in my mouth!!!! There is a whole mast of jokes but that's the cleanest!!!! They rate quit high on the scoville scale ......

Stacey Docherty

Lol eddy you are more than welcome just spreading the chilli love lmao xxx can't wait to see the pics and keep us informed how ur growing goes....



I showed OH the chillis, Stacey, he thinks you photoshopped them.

It reminds me of when we used to sell a capsaicin cream called "Fiery Jack" (a rubbing cream for arthritis). We used to tell the men they had to wash their hands BEFORE they went to the toilet.......


When this country used to have a lot of engineers, fb, it was always the norm to do that.

If anyone wants a laugh, google "veet funny stories" (veet is a hair removal cream) - WARNING: DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY COURSE LANGUAGE!

Stacey Docherty

Lol fisget I promise I have not photo shopped them at all. I haven't grown them but do know someone that did and edd I guess for an unfortunate few they are life sized lmao... They are called e@&s]pe@&s Pete chillis!

Orchid Lady

They are most definitely real and available to buy  When I was in Barcelona in October they were selling the seeds in packets on Las Ramblas, along with various other 'naughty' seeds!! They called them Pen!$ Peppers!!  I did take a photo at the time but deleted it as it was on my work phone LOL!!  Needless to say my 2 boys thought they were hilarious......boys will be boys 


I have seen them before - just wanted to say the link didn't work 


I'm having chilli germinate woes. They're in the propagators on the windowsill but I'm not getting a high rate of little green things appearing (3 out of 15 on some that have been out a few weeks). How long does it take a chilli seed to germinate? Am I just being too impatient? (Probably!)

Also - something that has occurred to me. How soon do you take a seedling out of the propagator once its started to grow? I've got a unheated propagator to put the seedlings into next but I've no idea how long you should leave them before moving them into the unheated one (or into fresh air). An inch tall? Two inches? Once they have X amount of leaves?


(Despite said woes I may have just tweeted a local "chilli farm" asking if they stock the Peter Peppers as they're worth growing for the giggle factor at BBQs alone!


One of the chilli farms (I got carried away on Twitter) just sent me a message suggesting I try putting the propagator above the fridge for a more consistent temperature at night. Looks like I'll be getting my little step out tonight! My propagator is heated but non adjustable and I've no idea what temperatures it gets, I remove it from the window every night so it doesn't get chilled but until they sprout the fridge might be a good place - certainly will remove any temptation to remove the lid to take a look!


Jim Macd

I'm not sure what varieties you're growing but I normally just do mine on a windowsill above a radiator. I've 100% germination from shop bought seed. 

Orchid Lady

Did anyone know it is National Chilli Day?  They were talking about it on R2, how appropriate that I should receive my package of seeds from Stacey today 

Orchid Lady

Note to self - next time I'm handling Stacey's chilli seeds wear gloves!!  I now have watery eyes and burning lips and it proves how dim I am!!

All seeds now in jars on the work top waiting for their bedtime drink 

Hubbie said thank you Stacey, he loves chillies and can't wait to have some, I just hope I am successful in growing them now!!

Just one question, how many seeds do you sow in each pot?

Orchid Lady

LOL Edd, better than saying I've got a headache 

I was thinking about that too, will give it a go unless Stacey tells me otherwise before morning when sowing begins 

Your son looks cute, bless him.  I wish I had toddlers again instead of terrible teens!!! The time goes way too fast!!!

Orchid Lady

Oh yes Edd 

Better not hijack Stacey's thread any more