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Jamie DJay

haha they didnt even know what a propagator was then I asked in my local flower shop!! I stumbled across 1 in a newly opened store! Its just a bog standard plastic thing, nothing special at all, where the country is generally very hot they just count on the sun for the growth of plants, but chillies aint on their list of plants, they sell 1 type of chilli, i dont even know what it is... i'll definitely try the plastic bag trick, just stick the propagator into the bag i'm assuming? I haven't got any window ledges on the inside of my apartment which is a pain!

Stacey Docherty

lol oh dear! do you have them in pots in the propogator? If so the. Put the individual pots in clear bags but there is no reason why you couldn't put the whole propogator in a bag. Can you put it on the floor in front of a window? 

Jamie DJay

i have them in cells... there's 20 cells altogether... i have fly screens on every window and the sliding door is in a shaded part of my garden... i mean as soon as i put it outside in the morning its clouds up in the propagator near enough straight away, so i imagine its quite humid in there... its just the evenings that i think could be proving a problem... maybe ill have to hope for the best for now atleast until the weather gets warmer??


Is there a room or an area where you could leave a light on a timer so that its on overnight? We do this with our chillis and they do appreciate it. If you have a standard lamp or similar you can put them under it would help the plants.

Stacey Docherty

Jamie I have been thinking.... ( it takes a while sometime) try planting some later... Planting them a month later will increase the ambient temperature plus being in Cyprus you don't have to worry about outside temp later in the year as much as here in the wet cold uk.... Trial it I think you should hold off till end of march ... That means that given scotch bonnet as an example which normally take 120 days to mature they would still be ok in your climate and would mature end of august time ( still v warm over there from memory!)


Stacey Docherty

My over wintered purple riot has a flower on it hurrah

 And is anyone growing these cheeky chaps!!!


They look wude Stacey.  Wouldn't want to eat those 

Very interesting thread 

Stacey Docherty

Lol Barbara I'm not putting one in my mouth!!!! There is a whole mast of jokes but that's the cleanest!!!! They rate quit high on the scoville scale ......


My god! 'Dove'  I have only been away for a few days and i have not even caught up on, what has been writen above, but it looks good!!!!!!!!!

I said i would post this because of another angles PM. ( WHAT CAN I SAY)

"Hello Stacey.

My apologies for not getting to replying to you earlier but i have been away since Thursday night and have only, just got back in. Your letter is here and i can't thank you enough. you really did not have to go to all that expense!  It is much appreciated, THANK YOU.

I have been to my partner's mums (we do this about every 3 weeks or so) in Gainford. Co Durham and she has just retired into a council house that needs lots of attention in the garden. This is my new project for the year. Watch out for posts from me, regarding lawns and my new venture into the flower beds with the help from the kind people on here and the free! Just like you have.Your seeds are for William (my son 3yrs) and me. They will be grown in the kitchen window with all your helpful instructions.( i will get it right) I just have fingers crossed, that your instructions will work but i feel confident they will. You are far too kind.

My camera (phone) does not take great pic (to be posted) when it gets dark and William has not seen the envelope yet. I hope to take some in the morning, when in better light and he opens it. ( i have not opened the other 3 inside) You seem to have added more than you said. I will find room on the kitchen cill and give you up dates and pics.

Once again i cant thank you for what you have sent me and William. At some point i will return the favor but i am just not sure what your needs are.

I have only opened the outside envelope because i want to capture the moment,tomorrow when William opens them and i can take a photo for you and others.

I will post this message on the chilli thread. 

Kind regards


PS. Photos to follow. Along with new projects.

You are a angel!!! ( sorry no icon for kiss )

PPS. I now have some catching up to do. But You are first"

I think we all know who this chille goddess is?


Stacey Docherty

Lol eddy you are more than welcome just spreading the chilli love lmao xxx can't wait to see the pics and keep us informed how ur growing goes....


I showed OH the chillis, Stacey, he thinks you photoshopped them.

It reminds me of when we used to sell a capsaicin cream called "Fiery Jack" (a rubbing cream for arthritis). We used to tell the men they had to wash their hands BEFORE they went to the toilet.......


When this country used to have a lot of engineers, fb, it was always the norm to do that.

If anyone wants a laugh, google "veet funny stories" (veet is a hair removal cream) - WARNING: DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY COURSE LANGUAGE!


Are they life sized?

Stacey Docherty

Lol fisget I promise I have not photo shopped them at all. I haven't grown them but do know someone that did and edd I guess for an unfortunate few they are life sized lmao... They are called e@&s]pe@&s Pete chillis!


Orchid Lady

They are most definitely real and available to buy  When I was in Barcelona in October they were selling the seeds in packets on Las Ramblas, along with various other 'naughty' seeds!! They called them Pen!$ Peppers!!  I did take a photo at the time but deleted it as it was on my work phone LOL!!  Needless to say my 2 boys thought they were hilarious......boys will be boys 


I have seen them before - just wanted to say the link didn't work 


I'm having chilli germinate woes. They're in the propagators on the windowsill but I'm not getting a high rate of little green things appearing (3 out of 15 on some that have been out a few weeks). How long does it take a chilli seed to germinate? Am I just being too impatient? (Probably!)

Also - something that has occurred to me. How soon do you take a seedling out of the propagator once its started to grow? I've got a unheated propagator to put the seedlings into next but I've no idea how long you should leave them before moving them into the unheated one (or into fresh air). An inch tall? Two inches? Once they have X amount of leaves?