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Stacey Docherty

Yay I was getting worried there!!! Tracey sometimes just that boost of heat gives them the push they need.... They really do need constant temperatures..... Hopefully more to come and you will have a garden/greenhouse full lol..... Clari yey they look strong and healthy 

Orchid Lady

I think I am going to have LOADS if they all come through Stacey, there were loads of seeds so I used them all and put 2 in a each pot (can't remember the word!)  

Stacey Docherty

Well I have some excellent recepies for preserving them lol..... Do you make an apple and pepper jelly with suspended flakes?


Thanks Stacey, the heated propagator seemed to do the trick but they're off the heat now less they get leggy. I'm going to let these have a few more days then I'll plant a few final ones to get a nice selection for the first year.

Tracey - I'm sure I'd not have space to have planted them all! Stacey was very generous!! So I'm saving some for next year when the greenhouse will be more set up!


OOps! Just brought some "chilli willy" seeds off eBay. Well they seemed worthy of a giggle...

Work really need to give me something to do. Monday and Tuesday it was buying water butts and compost bins, today rude plants... goodness knows what Friday will bring!!


Jamie DJay

i am soooooooo jealous seeing all your sprouted seeds!! i live in a really hot country and got nothing!!! grrrr this is sooooo frustrating!!!!! oh yours all look great by the way!! 

Seems a strange year for me with chillies - got some initial growth in heated propagator (cheap option and vitapod one)  then they have stagnated a bit. May have to do another batch in case they don't take.

In the last few years I've tried several varieties of chilli with two plants per pot - never seems to diminish the fruiting etc. Tend to be the same types, but might try mixtures this year. Anyone else tried this?


Orchid Lady

I'm going to give some away, I have 2 friends and my neighbour over the road (who gave me snowdrops and a spider plant), I am going to give them 1 or 2 and the rest I am planning on making lots with so may well need those recipes Stacey 

Singing Gardener

Clarington - I bought some "Chilli Willy" seeds from a present catalogue as a joke stocking filler a couple of years back and we were so impressed by the flavour that I spent some time last year hunting out some more reasonably priced ones. Didn't find them on Ebay though - that would probably have been cheaper! Did find them from a small seed supplier under a different name (Chilli Erotica!) and we're growing them again this year.


Sounds good Singing! Mine arrived yesterday and were soaked in tea overnight ready for me to plant this morning.  Hopefully we'll have success I've a couple of friends I think would enjoy this plant as silly birthday gifts! If I'm really lucky I'll get some seeds to share for next year but no counting chickens just yet!

I invested in a heated propagator and have had fantastic results????. Not sure about the Chilli Willy though!!
Orchid Lady

Mine are coming along nicely now, all apart from 2 varieties that haven't germinated, but as I haven't had much luck previously and no heated propagator I am still quite pleased.  I do feel a bit bad though as Stacey kindly trusted me to grow plants from her seeds and I failed with some of them 

How big do they need to be before potting on, some of the modules have 3/4 seedlings in?

Orchid Lady

My seedlings  Purple Riot are there but because they are purple you can't see them very easily.  Cherry Bomb are doing great 



Thats a serious amount of chillis Tracey, they do become addictive, dont they. I think its all the different varieties and the smaller ones are an ideal windowsill plant.

I'm trying Bangalore Torpedo this year, its one that produces long thin chillis, ideal for cooking I hope.

Orchid Lady

I am going to have to give some as presents I think, I sowed all the seeds Stacey gave me,min hindsight I should have kept some but that's why I'm a newbie LOL!!  The Cherry Bomb ones look great in the pics I've seen, a really nice plant to have outside 



Tracey, they make great presents, I have done the same but grow just a few new plants each year, they crop right through the winter indoors which is great when nothing is growing outside!

I notice your windowsills are a lot deeper than mine so you dont need any extensions, hope you get your GH up and running soon.


Hello Stacey. 

The mystery (not, Scotch bonnet?) Seeds have all germinated and the 'Explosive Ember' are looking very dark and mysterious I'm quite excited and i think the Lo thinks they are cool. 


One thing that i have noticed is that one of the plants has 3 cotyledons leaves. Is this unusual? I have seen mono, like grass but never 3 leaves. it is definitely not a true leaf.

Sorry have i gone a bit technical now? 

I'm just intrigued.

Many thanks.


PS. Still no sign of the patio red but i did say that they did not germinate last year.



 Hi again Stacey. 

 I have a memory of black square pots, for some reason?  (sorry but i think you mentioned this earlier?)  just found some (old free (scrounged by me)  black/square pots, from years ago in the shed) 

Take a look. 4" 3/4 tall and 4" square. 




sorry for bad photo. but they sounded ideal. for transplanting.

The fact is i have loads of square pots, in the back shed and they, have been there for a couple of years.

Just found out there's a couple of black birds nesting and could only get 2 pots off the top!!! they came last year but decided to nest on a shelf, higher up, last time they have nested on the floor this year,next to the pots and my new bags of worm compost!!!!! So i can't disturb them!!!!

I was chasing young chicks for 2 weeks, around the yard last year, and that was just wrong.  

So its all down to you now Stacey. I need replacement, square pots and i was wondering what you would suggest in this situation. LOL .

Remember you did start this!!! LOL  

Kind regards



Orchid Lady

Edd, how long did your 'mystery' seeds take to germinate?  Mine haven't done yet and I was about to give up on them, should I leave them a little longer? I also have some called mushroom chilli that haven't germinated?

When do I need to repot the Cherry Bomb, Apache and Purple Riot seedlings? And when I do repot them do they need to go in the new GH (nice and new and shiny waiting for baby plants )


13 Days for the first 'mystery' seeds orchid Lady. The rest came through in the following days.

Did you follow Stacey instructions regarding soaking them in tea overnight and placing them in a sealed bag (mini propagator)?