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hi, i have a chilli plant and a pepper plant,which i have never grown before,would like some tips on how to prune them,they are starting to bush out on top, and new shoots are growing in the joint were the leaves join the stem,would appreciate any tips on pruning thanks


I don't remove side shoots from peppers or chillies myself.  The flowers appear at the joints between leaf and stem, so the more side shoots you have the more fruit you can get from a plant.


Hi Woody, I grow peppers and chillis in the greenhouse and don't prune them at all, just let them get on with it, usually get loads of chillis and a few peppers.  I don't feed the chillis and they are in 7" pots in gritty compost.  Peppers get fed same as tomatoes 2-3 x week.

ok, thanks very much for the advice guys


I have asked in another place and the result was don't pinch out. i now have some lovely fruiting flowers coming



Mind rather slow yet, but they will come - and I also do nothing about thinning shoots etc., still have some extremely hot ones, dried, from a couple of years ago - last year was dreadful for us all. Pretty plants on the whole, also do well indoors on windowsils for folk with no garden space. 

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