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Has anyone had the lovely cosmos chocolate plant that has survived over winter?

Is it best to keep it in a pot and bring it indoors over winter?  Any tips please

thanks all

Ava, I have kept choc cosmos outdoors in winter...Before I realised I couldn't do that!! Mind you its cornwall! You need to bring it indoors...Now. We all have different ideas about this, as with dahlias, but if it's already in a pot bring it in and wrap fleece around it and keep dry. If its still in the garden knock soil off and wrap in fleece or similar and keep frost off. It's bit harder than keeping dahlias, I think. Maybe in cardboard box, even with dry newspaper. Good luck.

Am in Nwest & cant keep it in the ground. So I now grow it in a large patio pot each yr.

By the end of October for me, I cut it back, cant bear to risk losing it to frost, wrap the pot & put it, still in its' pot, first into either a coldframe or the unheated greenhouse- to allow it to almost dry off. Then I cover it with a fleece 'hat' & put it into a half-glazed porch. I have kept it in the greenhouse with extra fleece covers in the past.

Come spring I remove the tuber, check it's ok & start it off along with my dahlias on a window sill in the house.

This way I have kept this tuber going for several yrs. J.

Hi Ava,

Yes bring in your chocolate plant indoors into a cool well lit room till danger of frost has passed, best do it now! 



Thanks - I have brought it inside in it's pot and cut it back.  New shoots are starting so I am watering and treating as an indoor plant until Spring.  I hope this works!!

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