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Hello folks

I helped a friend move a beautiful big yellow Choisya Sundance from one spot in her garden to another in March this year.  Since transplanting, despite lots of watering, it's still looking very sad & unhappy with its leaves drooping.  Will it survive or is it a case of yanking it out & replacing it with another one from the garden centre?  I feel really guilty about suggesting moving it!.   All & any advice appreciated

Difficult to was big?  You watered?  Did you prune it back a little.  

It should have picked up by now.  I would cut it back a littlle to shoots further back on each branch.  I have moved a few choisyas and they have all taken well.  Maybe give it another month after the prune


I'd agree with Verdun Nikki. If it's big it'll struggle to support the amount of foliage. This hot weather doesn't help when trying to move things and although Choisyas like a sunny position it may benefit from a bit of shelter from it  under the circumstances.


Also don't overdo the watering. Just because the foliage is drooping doesn't mean it needs it. More shrubs get killed off by overzealous watering than being too dry.

Many thanks for the replies.  I'll cut it back a bit as suggested and also ease up on the watering.  Hopefully after about a month it will pick up.  If not I'll have to dig it out and replace it.  Shame, as it was such a lovely shrub - but in the wrong place.  Thanks again



Nikki it's always worth a shot- if a plant can't stay where it is, you've nothing to lose by moving it. I moved a (quite mature) Pieris a while ago as it had been planted right next to the path. Didn't expect anything of it but it's doing remarkably well. It's not the best time to be moving anything with it being so hot, but I've moved stuff often, and at all the wrong times and as long as you follow the basic principles it's as likely to work as it is to fail. Good luck with it 

Thanks Fairygirl.  I've also moved pieris with success too.  But looking back, when I moved the choisya, there wasn't much soil around the roots.  So, maybe it will settle down & make growth - or it will have to come out.

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