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i have about 26 growing in my garden , mainly through mature shrubs and most in the pruning group 3 

There are so many to suggest , but the main requirement of this climber is that It requires shade at the roots and it must be planted at about 3 inches below ground level. Feeding is important . I feed with bonemeal at the base of the plant in spring when buds are appearing, then apply a wet general purpose feed every 2 weeks up to the start of may.I then change this to a tomato feed from may 


Some gorgeous ideas!, may have to snatch a couple!,  we bought a clematis a few years ago and planted in a pot outside the back door in remembrance of our dog when she was put to sleep. I can't remember the name but we call it Casey! It has lively rich burgundy flowers. Anyway since then I seem to have built up a collection of around 10 different types. Can't wait to see them all flower this year 


There not called the queen of climbes for nothing

I find it hard not to buy one every time I go to a garden centre and when I do , I find I have not really planned where to put it in my ggarden 

So if anybody want a clematis , then you know who to ask



Steve - were you perched on my shoulder last night as I was reading a book about clematis care! I will look after them

Max - Casey

Don't forget to post pics when they flower.

Busy Bee2

My tip for the top is 'Polish Spirit'.  The flowers are not large, but they absolutely cover and smother the plant for weeks in the later summer so that the whole area is awash with deep rich dark purple.  I bought one from the 'home for distressed plants' bit of a Garden Centre years ago, planted it and was delighted by how I was repaid for my amateurish attentions.  It sprang back to life.  I have since planted it in my new garden (think I got it from Morrisons for £1.49) and it is a joy in its abundance.  It establishes quickly and needs little help to achieve great things.  Mine has shot upwards to the top of the arch, but that is where I want the colour to give the garden height. 



Oh BB2 polish spirit was on my shortlist - but there's time yet Morrison's tomorrow!

By the way - I don't get this thread on my 'followeds' so have to search 'clematis' in 'search this site', must get that sorted, I don't want to miss anything!


Busy Bee2



 Am trying to put up a picture of mine - not sure whether the computer is playing ball - will post and see.

Busy Bee2

Oh yes, there it is.  Now this picture was taken just as it was about to come out.  You have to believe me that within a couple of weeks of this being taken, you couldn't see any green leaves, just a mass of purple, but I think this was 2 years, maybe 3, after putting a Morrisons plant in.  A bit of liquid feed, free draining soil - possibly some chicken manure when I planted it, watered it..... but not a lot of care really. 


My current list of climbers for the 3 arches (one by itself , two together as a pergola)

rose - generous gardener

clematis - blue eyes , Pamela jack man, bee's jubilee.

solanum glasniven

Next I am planning a lonicera but want - red or orange flowers (as little yellow as pos), quick grower, fragrance (not essential as may get too many mixes of fragrance and loose the effect?), hopefully evergreen.


Busy Bee2

The one in the background of the picture grew very quickly and smells delightful, but I don't remember the name - it is orange and pink.  Not evergreen though.  Also from Morrisons - they are great for plants!


bb2 morrisons had lonicera gold flame and red world (2nd one I can't find much info on).

Busy Bee2

I have had a quick look, but can't find a name I recall, but ours is a very classic looking honeysuckle.  I bought another one for a different arch which is a vivid orangey yellow - lovely bright flowers, but the scent is nothing to write home about.  And it hasn't grown as well or as quickly as the first one either.  But I like the colour.  I wonder whether the old favourite varieties grow more strongly than the newer developments?

Mrs Garden


clematis care, now thats a minefield for anyone to learn


Prune , depending on group Apply Blood fishband bonemeal  and multch in spring, water in each 2 weeks with a soluable general fertiliser. Start of May change  this to tomato feed every 2 weeks and stop this feeding programme when flower buds start opening

As worked wonders on my clematis for years

happy gardening



Shopping list then:

BFB, soluble general fertiliser, tomato feed.

Thanks steve, will do my best!


Oh while I'm here, should I pot on into larger tubs before arches arrive in April? GC said not as will disturb them if moving twice, Just wondered what you all thought.



Wouldn't bother MrsG. They'll be fine till you're ready to get them in 

Hope you enjoy them. They're such beautiful plants when they get going. I intend adding a pergola just to give me room for more of them  

ok FG I'll leave them, plenty of other jobs go do.

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