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This is just a quick one I hope last last year I struck some citrus cuttings 3 of the five cuttings I took have rooted. I have got some citrus compost ready for potting on would it be best to pot them on all 3 in one bigger pot or pot them on individually. Any advice on these cuttings would be appreciated as wouldn't like to lose them now as they take  months to get them to root. One of my customers grew the parent plant from pip out of an orange that was brought back from seville.


I think I'd pot them up individually in specialist citrus compost. 

Thanks Dove I have already got the citrus compost and I was thinking about potting them individually but was looking for a second opinion.  I thought this thread was going to go unanswered. These cuttings took about 4 months to root I have been so patient with them so would hate to lose them. 


Where do you keep your citrus plants?  

A friend of mine was head gardener at a stately home, and she grew lots of large citrus in a proper orangery - it was wonderful - at that time I had a large conservatory porch which was perfect, and the perfume from the blossom of the little ones I grew from seed was wonderful.  Sadly at this house I don't have anywhere to grow citrus.  

At the moment they are only small so they are on my front windowsill which gets sun for the first half of the day till early afternoon really, where they will go when they get a bit bigger I'm not sure I will have a rethink.

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