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Hi, I have made a trellis for our fence hoping to get some of my new plants to attach themselves to it. My concern, although a bit late now, can a trellis be too thick? This one is made out of 50mm x 25mm roofing timbers.

The plants are...

Solanum Laxum 'Album' which I think is on steroids, gone crazy already!

Sollya Heterophylla

Clematis Montana Var. Rubens

Clematis Apple Blossom.

The 2 clematis are new so have not progressed much yet but as I said the Solanum Laxum has grown really fast.

The Sollya Heterophylla looks ok but has not grown one bit so I have put this in a pot as I don't really know what to do with it...

Oh I am very new to all this green fingered lark so forgive me if I have done anything stupid or got the name wrong.




As you have got young plants several which will cling by tendrils you might be better to staple some plastic square trellis to it (image below as I don't know if I have explained very well) so you can tie in and give them a leg up.

Ah I see. I might try and find something thin and clear soit will be harder to see. Thanks for the advice

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