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Something seems to be eating my clematis.  The leaves have been attacked, but not what it would be.  All my other clematis seem unaffected.

star gaze lily

One of mine just gave up the ghost recently,  the other two are fine, don't know why either sorry. Is it in a pot or too hot? They don't like their roots to get too  heated.

It's in the ground and the base is fairly shady as I always place a few stones around the base of them all.  I think it might be some sort of bug.  I will leave it and see if it recovers.  Might cut it back low and see if it revives next spring!

Aah I suppose that could be it, but I can't say I have noticed, but the blighters do like to come out at night don't they.  Oh well I will see how it goes.  Am looking forward to seeing it flower next year.  I can't remember it's name, but it had lovely pink bell type flowers on the picture.  I bought it at GW Live show this year, along with many others!



Snails will also strip the bark from the stems of clematis - in our last garden where we were overrun with snails I was known to go out at night armed with a torch and a bucket of salty water 

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