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We grow it in a large terracotta pot with canes for support, only about 1 metre tall. Special.

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Yes. That is special Richard. Do the petals have a velvety feel?


Beautiful Richard.  Is it kept in a greenhouse?


Richard, is there a background story to the name ?

The plant is grown in a pot outdoors, is reliably hardy, but I bring it in to the greenhouses when the weather is really bad for the sake of the pot.

It is a Japanese cultivar, named for Dr. Mary Toomey, the well known and much respected lecturer and author of several clematis books,

Here she is last year on a visit to our garden after a clematis lecture in our local village hall, accompanied with the Hardy Plant Society, Ranunculacae Group, a wonderful day, which I will never forget.



Thank you Richard. I am sure Dr Toomey is delighted !


It's a wee beauty!

For the ' anoraks ' of the clematis world !!


Lord! That's lovely.  How are you growing it Richard i.e. do you trail it horizontally or round something or upwards?  It's a beauty.

It is in a large terracotta pot with 3 cane sticks forming a tripod, I wind it round the canes

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