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I instantly fell in love with the striking deep purple and white of the Clematis Florida Seiboldii, I have purchased a set of 3 plugs through a well know plant supplier and they have come on amazing and which are now flowering,

However the flowers are just pure white, and the striking deep purple centre is absent... my question is....will this amazing colour come as the plant matures or have i been sold a dud? 

any advise greatly appreciated 


Can you post a photo Terri?


It does have 2 flowering flushes and it is only the first ones which have the purple colour in them. The second lot of flowers are pure white.

Having issues uploading a photo ( sorry )  but will keep trying. 


If its only the first set of flowers that have the purple i must of got some other clem,  mine are white, the centres are a very very light lime green.. its just perculiar , still trying to upload photo off my mobile and Email but am being blonde and nothing is working 


Hooray Finally, image above... so am i right in thinking... NOT Florida Seboldii?? 


Terry, I think you'll find it's this one. If you scroll down, it says it is the sister plant of Florida Sieboldii. Your supplier must have got them mixed up. If it was Taylors, you can probably exchange it. It's a lovely flower, all the same.


Swiss Sue, Thank you.. yes that looks identical to what i have.... so its ceratinly not Florida Seboldii... oh how unfortunate..... However yes it is beautiful in its own right... 

I dont think i will be able to get any come back from the suppliers ( Thomson and Morgan) but will certainly email them and let them know the error. and if i do get any come back i will update this post

Thanks again for all your help.. greatly apprecitaed x


Well, well,Thompson and morgan again.

 I won't be buying any more plants from them.

I am pleased to report that on contacting Thomson and Morgan, they have apologised and promised to send me the Clematis i had ordered and stated it should be to me in Oct sometime...

lets hope they send me Florida Seboldii this time :O) 

Again, thanks for all the advise everyone... 

Happy Gardening xxx


That's good news, Terri, now you've got two for the price of one! I hope they don't charge you for the 2nd one!

Obviously, I can't order plants from T&M, but have ordered many seeds from them which have grown well. Only downside is that the seed packets don't have pictures of the flowers on them, so have to just remember from the names what they are.

Hi Swiss Sue, yes i have found the same when i have ordered plant seeds through them... it would be nice to have a picture of what you are planting, i fully agree. 

The reply i got from T&M was a very bulk standard reply, but it was at least an acknowledgement that error had been made and that they are sending me a new plant , so yes, i have got a 2 for 1, i hadnt thought of it like that..




T&M are rubish for plug plants i wont buy from them again

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