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I want to grow a Clematis on the front of our house.  The wall is South Facing but is very open, and as we live in North Lincolnshire the wall gets strong winds beating against it at times.  Which would be the best Clematis to grow in this area please?


My garden is very exposed to winds from all directions.    I find Ciccolina, Etoile Violette, Red Balon and Red Robin do best in the most exposed bits and their flowers don't fade in strong sun.   You should also be fine with alba luxurians and caerulea luxurians.  If you have a lot of wall to cover, try Huldine.


Good luck.  I have all the above in my garden but many more which have shelter from other plants or trellis panels so they're not quite so wind blown - Sunset, Princess Diana, Betty Corning, Little Nell, Omoshiro, Westerplatte, mme Julia Correvon, Niobe, Blue Angel, Rahvarinne all cope with sunshine and don't fade. 


Maybe choose one from the group 3 pruning range as they get pruned down to ground level each winter, so maybe miss most of the bad weather.


flowering rose

a montania  type are very hardy and strong and can take most things.

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