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Good morning

I planted a new freckles clematis last year and it has done very well over this awful winter. However it seems to have quite a lot of frost damage now on the leaves. Would you good people recomend a good pruning after the frosts have finished. Thanks


Appears to be in group one for pruning - remove the damaged parts after flowering.

But I don't suppose tidying up beforehand will hurt, that much.

Believe it or not, my c.Freckles has been flowering since last July! I will have a hack at it soon though, they do get big.

But on't forget it will flower now, so maybe wait until it has done it's thing?  Mine gets huge and now and again I have a huge chop at it, it doesn't seem to care much - it tok 7 years after planting to flower at all, but has not stopped for long since then!

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