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Just had an idea ......... I bought Gen S because I couldn't get the one I wanted and it was the closest ........... let me just check something...........


Thought so - the one I wanted was Perle d'Azur - similar colour - flowers all summer - Taylors describe it as a Group 3 - scroll down to the bottom pic - it looks very similar but wrong group 

There's also HF Young which I have opening now - again similar but Group 2 

Still think you've got the General,  there does seem to be some disagreement about pruning group for him. 

This pic looks even more like yours 


Checked all the links Dove, thanks.

Been out this morning and saluted General S.  I was puzzled by the rounded petals on the first photo I posted but it had been open a few days. The new flowers that are opening are more pointed, so guess that they alter as they develop.

Complicated things clematis, and doesn't help when the pictures available of each one differ so much in shape & colour. Not to mention which group they belong to.

What is great about having forum members ID plants is they actually have or have had them. 

Thanks all for your input.


...additionally, another way to check if you have the right one is look at the filaments and anthers....on this one they should be creamy white filaments with yellow anthers.... according to the website...I've not grown it...


I have 3 General Sikorski's and I've always treated them as Group 2, which is what they were labelled as.  However, experience shows that many clematis can be treated as different groups.  For example I only prune my Polish Spirit back to near the ground every two years, and that is universally labelled as a Group 3.  In year 1 after a hard prune it flowers late as a normal Group 3 does, but in the second year when I prune it as a Group 2, it flowers early (and twice.)  Grouping for 2 & 3 is somewhat arbitrary.



Thanks for info' Bob & Salino.

Pruning to me is far from an easy subject, just wish clematis would "stay" in the group they were purchased as  

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