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Had this 14yrs no idea what it is does anyone know ? Thanks for helping



Could be a Nelly Moser


Alan thanks, deffo not Nelly, that's the only one I know

Jim Macd

It would help if the photo was bigger KEF.  Sorry, not expert on Clematis but it's a nice one. Good luck. 



I think it's "Eyers Gift"  


(following a google on blue clematis flowers  can't do links like Dove can, sorry)


General Sikorski KEF? Possibly. 


Thanks all. I do love a General. I'll take a pic of back of petals tomoz'.  

Panda thanks for helping, it doesn't really look blue, more lilac, but will Google Eyers Gift sounds great. I love blue flowers.

Thanks Jim  if you click on photo it should enlarge, but knowing me maybe not




Those pics do look even more like General S - don't you think Fg?

He's a very distinctive soft blue with a pinkish tinge. 


I think Sikorski too, but another possibility is Elsa Spath:


Thanks everyone but I don't think we've nailed it.

I should have said it's a Group 1 clematis. General, Eyers & Elsa are group2, see I have been paying attention to your answers

Elsa Spath pics I've seen have 8 petals and this only has 6.

Thanks for helping

Victoria Sponge

Hi KEF, 

Can I just butt in and ask a question please?

Im guessing from what you've said above there is a way to tell what group a clematis is without knowing the name? 

Sorry I can't help with your id...



Victoria there are three pruning groups.

Group1 they used to say if flowers before June don't prune they flower on last years growth, but can be pruned immediately after flowering but I find this tricky as mine also flower again later in year so I tend to just remove obvious dead bits.

I think someone who knows more about group 2,3 will explain how to treat them  If not I'll have a go later.


Victoria Sponge

That is interesting thank you

So the group is related to the time it flowers... That actually makes perfect sense re pruning!

Thank you 


This explains pruning.

Didn't realise Taylors was so close to us KEF.

If it flowers may, June and Sept, according to this it sounds like a group 2 which could narrow the ID down a bit. EDIT, just done a search for gen sik and it flowers MJS but is group 3 so that doesn't work with my above theory


Can't find anything closer Dove, to me stripe looks more like Elsa but petal shape wrong for that one  

I know mine is Group 1 as is the other that I'll be asking about when it opens. I do remember specifically buying early flowering, just name General S doesn't ring bells which usually happen when I'm prompted. Lot of water under the bridge since I bought them.

I so wish I hadn't had a rush of blood to the head and thrown the bag of plant labels when we moved.

MrsGarden I thought you might be onto something with the link to Taylors as I bought mine from a garden centre at Thrybergh, did wonder if they had been the supplier. Can't see what to me looks like mine, but some very nice ones. Shame I don't have anywhere for another.


If you need to buy another KEF I've got room  

All the pics of different sites look different anyway! One of mine apparently shows the stripe better if grown in semi shade, so various things may affect colour intensity and contrast??? It's all guess work!