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The leaves are starting to drop off my new clematis. It was well watered and mulched and doing well when I planted it in May. Is it normal for it to lose a few leaves or could it be that the roots need more shade and if so how do I provide it?

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mind it is not wilt ,did you plant it deep enough in the shade for its roots and its head in the sun and you need to water it every day with  a good amount of water.


I plant them deeply, so the stems are about 4"-6" below the soil.

I cover the root area with a paving slab to keep roots in the shade and water well until established.

I've noticed mildew on 2 of mine this year, but they've not lost any leaves.
Any signs of mildew on the flower stems?

Good luck!

Which clematis is it ?  If some of the bottom leaves are going brown and crispy then falling off, it is not a big problem.

It looks like it's mostly the ones near the bottom. I think it might be me not giving it enough water in this dry spell. Thanks for all your help - hopefully it's not too late. It's a Montana variety - dark pink flowers.

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