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I have 3 plants of clematis Marjorie, a beautiful flower that is pink and green. They are last years cuttings which I am willing to try posting out if anyone wants one. I took them when I cut the clematis back to the ground last year, just in case it did not survive but of course it did and so did the cuttings. Sod's law at its best!

I'd love one as it's a lovely looking clematis but, unfortunately, montanas and alpinas don't do for me as a late frost usually gets them and kills them stone dead just when they're about to burst into bloom.   Very frustrating.


I'm in central Scotland if that helps with its hardiness.

Not really.  Central Belgium so much colder on occasion.  I once had a clematis Montana Elizabeth that had spread itself about 10 metres along a fence I had between the veggie plot and the main garden and it was just about to burst into flower when a late spring frost of only -8 or so zapped all the fresh juicy stems and buds and the whole thing died.    Same thing happened to a Gothenberg I bought thinking a Swedish one would cope better.    No surviving alpinas here either and my cirrhosa bit the dust in 2008 after spending 3 winters hardly flowering at allbut the larger flowered hybrids that start in May do OK and so do lots of group 3s.

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