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Yesterday I explored another garden centre near my new home - well, 30 miles away but who's counting? - and found they have a wide range of plants and products compared to others I've seen and some clematis on sale.

I shall be preparing new beds and supports over the winter so I can plant some in spring, along with the ones I brought with me, but of the dozen on sale, 8 are new to me so can I ask if anyone grows them and are they good doers?

Comtesse de Bouchaud, Fascination, Henryi, I am Lady Q, My Angel, Princess Kate, Ramona, Tie Dye

Thanks in advance.


The only one of those I grow is Comtesse De Bouchard which has lots of pink flowers from summer onwards.  It's group 3 so cut back completely to the lowest pair of buds on each stem in Feb.  It's a 'good doer' here in central UK and has RHS AGM.


I grow Comtesse de Bouchard in a big pot growing up an obelisk - she does well for me too (Surrey).  Haven't come across any of the others though.


My Angel is the biggest thug Clematis we have ever come across. It spreads by roots running all over the place. It has even gone through the concrete raft of our Composting area and come up the other side, say 20 feet away from  where it began. AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for that Berghill.  With such a limited choice and only one place stocking them so far I need to be careful not to pick a duffer and also keep my eye out for plant fairs and such so I can get another perfumed Betty Corning and some other favourites from my old garden.    Couldn't bring them all with me..........


i was advised to grow the viticella clematis as a beginner.

so far I have Prince Charles, pale plus and growing thro a choisia,  full of blooms in second year,  Julie Correvan, up an arch and again smothered in crimson flowers all summer, Vagabond first year, dark purple blooms, repeating twice so colour now.  It's a good idea to water well in second year and feed regularly

good luck


Thanks Seakale.  I had about 40 clems in my old garden so know the possibilities quite well - favourite supplier stocked over 300 and advised me about hardiness for my exposed garden after I lost quite a few to -25C and worse in one winter..  

The problem is the lack of choice on offer here which I find odd as the wild version are rampant in the hedgerows so I would assume that clems do well here.   Have to say I prefer Blue Angel/Blekitny Atholl to Prince Charles.  Simliar colour but it has lovely bars on the back of the petals. I dug that one up and brought it with me as it was planted in a bottomless chimney pot so easy to shift into a huge pot for transport.

Comtesse de Bouchaud, very old cultivar, very good late pink, treat as Viticella (3), Fascination is a run of the mill Integrifolia, herbaceous, Henryi is a very good old large white, but difficult, I am Lady Q is a bicolour Viticella, blue/white, My Angel is a fantastic intricata but a bit of a thug. Princess Kate, as with Princess  Diana, very popular because of the name, Ramona a very good dark purple blue, good plant. Tie Dye excellent colouring purple with white splashes apparently named after some clothes washing process.

Just my opinion but best of the bunch Comtesse de B, Ramona, Tie Dye.

Seakale, Prince Charles and The Vagabond are not Viticella Group.  Super plants, though.


When I bought Princess  Kate, I said to the nurseryman

" I'm buying this despite the name, not because of it"

he laughed

" if she's as pretty as her mother in law I'll be happy"  ( not sure she is though)


Maybe it's just my plant,but Kate is bit of a muddy cream and pink ,when I was expecting a nice clear white / pink. 

Diana for me on both counts.

I'm not really a fan of the Royals, but Kate ( I'm sure she's a lovely , lovely person and I wish her no harm ) looks like her granny has been picking her clothes for her.


Thanks Richard.  I'm pleased you rate Henryi as I need a good white one.  I shall try the 3 you recommend too. 

Hosta - did Princess Kate do well for you?    It is a gorgeous flower.

I had Princess Diana in Belgium because I loved the flowers and she did very well.  I suspect Lady Q is a bit too similar to Betty Corning and I would rather have her scent if poss so I'll keep looking.  Otherwise I'll just have to go and visit my daughter in Namur and come home via Clematis Man.

This is the 100 year old cultivar, Huldine, much nicer than Princess Kate in my opinion


I had P. Diana in my last house and she never failed to please. I now have Duchess of Albany which is similar and she's ok, but Kate??

As I said, it might just be the specimen I have, but the colour is not great , nor was the growth, admittedly only planted in a large planter this year, so probably making lots of roots. I'll give her another year .

This is texensis Maxima, Princess Diana was 1 of the parents, the flowers are much larger, and better foliage, than Princess Diana.



I had a Huldine too Richard and loved it.   Might just wait to find another then but, Hosta, I always found clematis needed a couple of seasons to get their roots down before performing above ground.

Maxima looks lovely Richard but where on earth am I going to find one here?

Hi, i have both princess diana and kate, planted this year in pots with obelisk things to grow up. Diana is still in flower and really pretty. Kate had a few pretty flowers too, i think both will be better next year ;) i have 15 clematis in my garden and plan to plant more. I have bought many of mine from Taylors, good service and nice quality plants. 

You had best inform the RHS about P Charles, their website says PC is a viticelli.  Do let us all know how you get on.  

I have Perle d'azur newly planted this year, another year or so to look forward to great blooms

Extract from International Clematis Register.....

Prince Charles......Late Large Flowered Group..........Parentage Unknown..........Reg 1998   by A Keay in New Zealand.

viticella Group

Cultivars with at least one parent mainly derived

from C. viticella.