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Hi everyone

Since I've had so much help from lots of people on this forum on many issues, I thought it would be nice for you to know that my 3 new clematis plants arrived this afternoon and are now safely planted.  The operation was a little more detailed than what I was doing this morning - shovelling up half a ton of top soil into a bag!  The clematis are Jackmanii Purprea, Duchess of Edinburgh and Summer Dream ... all from Taylors Clematis. 

Could someone tell me how to post a photo please?  I clicked on "upload" after selecting a photo but nothing happened.




Hi Charley, was WiFi on and in range, (I've had this problem before, also when not logged in which you obviously are!) Hope someone else can offer better advice, I'd love to see your photos.


Sometimes it takes ages for the upload, try giving it a bit longer. I assume the photo number comes up in the box?


I've found if you compress the image first it uploads a lot quicker.

have you tried from other devices, I can't upload photos from my phone, no problem from laptop and can be slow from iPad.


You have to press "submit" after "upload".



Ok here goes ...

Thanks for your help with uploading the photos.  I was too impatient I think, but they did load very quickly at this time in the morning. 


My clematis viticella venosa violacae arrived from Taylors the other day, looking very healthy - it'll be planted shortly 

I have a Duchess of Edinburgh in this garden and I've grown it before elsewhere - it seems to take a while to get going and has been quite fussy about where it lives, really not liking much direct sun - once it gets going it's a beautiful thing 


Well done (at last) charley - your plants look great and healthy, im sure they will do well.

Charley, I'd be wary of using chicken wire with perennial climbers. The trouble is that the stems grow through the wires and , in time as they swell, they can be cut with the wire. It's fine on the Texensis or viticella types of Clematis, as they're cut to the ground in spring, or something like sweet peas, but just watch to make sure, you might want to keep a pair of wire snips handy if they're looking a bit tight.

They do look lovely plants.

Thanks everyone.  Dovefrom above, that's good news about the Duchess of Edinburgh.  Mine is east facing so hopefully will be ok.  Aren't they just beautiful?!  Have you actually grown the massive double white flower?  I'm in awe of anyone who can produce one of those.  Do you think mine will flower this year for me?

Hostafan1, thanks - I will indeed keep a pair of wire snips handy.  I'm thinking of getting a permanent seat by the clematis so I can keep an eye on them.  It looks like they're going to be quite lively


I have had the lovely double greenish-white blooms in the past - I planted a new DofE last 18 months ago and had a couple of smallish blooms last year - this year it's smaller than the other clematis planted at that time, but it looks healthy.  

I've found that sometimes it sends up a lot of fresh sappy growth and then some of this collapses overnight - not Clematis Wilt as it's only the top part of the growth that collapses, and only on one 'branch' - if that happens don't panic, I've found that the rest of the plant carries on regardless.  

It's more of a tortoise than a hare, but a very beautiful tortoise 

Ashleigh 2

You've chosen beautiful clematis, they should flower this year if they're from Taylors

Thanks Ashleigh 2.  Yes, they're from Taylors.  Wow, I shall be SO happy and excited if they do flower this year.  Ha ha, you'll all be bored stiff with all the photos I'll be posting


 My first ever clematis flower. It's the Jackmanii Purprea.  I can't believe that I've done it.  And there are loads more buds just waiting to pop out into flower.  The Duchess of Edinburgh isn't budding yet but the Summer Dream now has 2 buds so that's on its way too.  They were planted in March this year and from Taylors.

Gorgeous! Well done charleyD.

Thanks MrsGarden.  Isn't it lovely when plants come into flower?!  After all the planning and work.  I spend ages just staring at my clematis plants... fascinating plants and the flower is just out of this world.  I've gone to look at it, probably about 10 times today ha ha  



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